This website is owned and controlled by company Promotex Oy, and our company is responsible for safety of your confidential and personal information and compliance with GDPR.

This privacy policy determinates general terms and conditions of processing of information we collected or you gave.

By using our web site you consent to us colleting and processing of your personal information in accordance of current privacy policy.

What personal data do we collect from you?

- Any information you gave us or used by you in our interactive services (contact form)

- All of correspondence between us and you including all details (IP address, name, phone number, e-mail address)

You are entitled to request us to delete the information.

Please use e-mail for such requests

How the personal information could be used:

We use collected or presented information by following ways:

- To perform of our obligations under agreements between our company and you
- To inform you on our goods and services requested by you
- - to update you about changes in terms of work
- to inform you on technical problems connected to correct work of your or our websites

Disclosure of personal information

We can present personal information to any member of our company team.

We can present personal information to third party:

- If it is necessary perform of our obligations under agreements between our company and you. But we are obliged to get your confirmation for such actions.
- If our company or significant part of our company is bought by third party. In this case your information shall be considered as part of our actives.
- If we are forced to open personal data in accordance to law or to provide our security including financial security.

Security of collected personal information

All collected information is saved on well secured servers. We also note you that we are not responsible for safety of passwords presented by our company to you.

Transmission, processing and storage of information collected by us or presented by you are well secured by modern methods and comply with GDPR.

You right to change or delete your information

In accordance to GDPR you have a right to request what kind of your personal information we have. Also you have a right to make changes in this information or request us to delete the information

Please use e-mail for such requests

Third party`s websites

Our site has links to third party`s websites. We are not responsible for third party security. Please read third party privacy policy before you present them an information.

Information placed by you in feedback

All details in feedback are placed by your own wish, should be considered as public and cannot be considered as private or personal

You are entitled to request us to delete the information.

Please use e-mail for such requests

Cookies used by our website

Please read more about cookies in our coolie policy

The cookie`s policy is integral part of our privacy policy

How long we keep personal data:

We keep you information within whole period of concluded contracts or agreements. And not more than 6 months after termination of contracts or agreements.

Changes of privacy policy

All changes of private policy will be presented on this page.

Last update: 16.05.2018


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